Registration Information
All students are required to meet with a counselor prior to registering for classes. During this session, the counselor will discuss program offerings, academic advisement, and testing requirements. The counselor will also assist the student with the completion of an education plan, the student registration/intent form, and other registration forms.

The education plan will include the student’s program area, list of required courses, and an outline of courses recommended each trimester. The student will be given a copy of the education plan. The original will be filed in the counselor’s office. The student must take the registration package to the registrar at the time of registration.

The counselor will review and initial all approved courses selected by the student each trimester. Students are required to complete one program before taking courses in another program area. Exceptions will be made if the class needed is not available. Students are expected to take the required course when it becomes available. Other exceptions must be approved by an administrator. Students receiving PELL Grant must complete the selected program before taking classes in another program area.

Students are encouraged to register for a full trimester. All PELL, VA, DFAP, and agency sponsored students must register for a full trimester. Visa students must register full time (25 hours of instruction a week), and are encouraged to register for the full trimester.

Students will receive credit and attendance recorded the day he/she is officially registered and fees are paid. Students failing to register for a class will not be allowed to attend classes.

Students registering late may not appeal for an attendance waiver.