Secondary Aircraft Maintenance Technician Program


Aircraft Maintenance Technician Program

This program prepares students for employment as an aircraft mechanic.  Students who complete the Airframe and/or Powerplant Technician Program(s) are eligible to take the Federal Aviation Administration written and the oral examinations to become a certificated Airframe or Powerplant Technician.  Secondary students may complete the second program as post secondary students.  The school is certificated by the FAA under Certificate #CT9T072R.

General: The General curriculum is a one-year prerequisite for both the Airframe Technician and/or Powerplant Technician Programs.

Airframe: The Airframe Technician Program is a two-year program consisting of an in depth study of aircraft structures and systems.

Powerplant: The Powerplant Technician Program is a two-year program consisting of an in depth study of powerplant theory and maintenance of aircraft engine operations and systems.


Target Group: 10th, 11th, and 12th Grade Students

Credit: Nine Elective Credits (three year program)

Requirements: 2.0 GPA, ability to complete career-level coursework, passing FCAT scores, and Superior attendance, conduct, and effort (State Statute 1007.271).

Course Curriculum


Weight and Balance
Materials and Processes
Aircraft Drawing
Ground Handling
Basic Electricity
Maintenance Forms and Records
Maintenance Publications
Mechanics, Privileges, and Limitations
Nondestructive Testing
Hand Tools
Fluid Lines and Fittings
Corrosion Control
Employability Skills


Reciprocating Engine Theory
Reciprocating Engine Overhaul
Turbine Engine Theory
Turbine Engine Overhaul
Engine Removal and Installation
Engine Operation, Troubleshooting, and Repair
Engine Inspection
Ignition Systems
Fuel and Fuel Metering Systems
Lubrication Systems
Engine Electrical and Starting Systems
Engine Instrument Systems
Engine Cooling Systems
Engine Induction Systems
Engine Exhaust and Reverser Systems
Fire Protection


Flight Theory
Assembly and Rigging
Wood Structures   
Aircraft Covering
Aircraft Finishes
Aircraft Inspection
Hydraulics and Pneumatics
Landing Gear
Communication and Navigation
Fire Protection
Fuel Systems
Instrument Systems
Airframe Electrical
Position and Warning
Cabin Atmosphere
Ice and Rain Removal