Secondary Aerospace Technology Academy

This program provides a comprehensive, action-based foundation of knowledge and experiences for a wide variety of careers in Aerospace Technology.


Target Group:        9th Grade Students

Credits:                Three Elective Credits (one year program)


Course Curriculum

Development of Aviation Computer Applications
Theory of flight
Manned space flight  
Unmanned space flight
Computer Assisted Drawing (CAD)
Word processing
Flight simulator
Power Systems Aerospace Communication
Jet engines
Rocket engines
Solar cells
Nuclear power
Mathematics and Science
Systems Used in Space Environment Aerospace Environment
Quality assurance
Human performance
Weather performance
Colonization of space
Employability Skills
Aerospace Occupations


Numerous projects involving kites, hot air balloons, parachutes, gliders, aircraft powered and non-powered models, weather stations, and wind tunnels are used throughout the curriculum to demonstrate concepts and enhance understandings.

See your counselor for more details.

George T. Baker Aviation Technical College is accredited by the Accrediting Commission of the Council on Occupational Education